A warm greeting (?)

Hello! Long time no see! Yes, it was several months, and I didn't open my blog. So, it's time to blogging again (?)

Now, I'm fasting, also all muslim in the world. This ramadhan, I feels not hungry, but when I see advertisment about food, however, it makes me hungry. That's normal, actually.

By the way, do you know this drama?

Lately, my friend recomended this dorama, so I downloaded and watched it. This is Ikemen Desu Ne. Anyway, do you know korean drama He's Beautiful? Naahh.. This is the japan's version. Actually, I didn't watch korean's version yet. So, I can't compare, but I really recomend this dorama to fill (?) your holiday.

If you want to download this dorama, maybe you can google it, but I downloaded it in indowebster. The lack is you must be a member before download. If you interest, contact me, I'll give you the link.

Kay, it's enough for today. Maybe tomorrow I'll review another drama/movie, 'cause lately my activities is watching movie! Haha. 

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